Coach Lance

  • Camarillo, California
  • Over 2 Years Experience
  • Indoor: No
  • Outdoor: Yes
  • Seasonal: No


  • Private Tennis Lessons: $60 HR
  • Semi-Private Tennis Lessons: $35 HR
  • Group Tennis Lessons: $20 HR
  • Hitting Only Sessions: Not Available
  • Beginner & Intermediate Ages 6-16!
USPTA Certified

About Lance


Hello my name is Lance and I am a local Camarillo tennis coach with over 8 years of total playing experience! I am also a USPTA Certified Recreational Tennis Coach with over 2 years of coaching experience teaching kids from beginners all the way up to the intermediate level.

I have found that patience and fun training is the key to success. I’m presently training a teenage tennis player who will be representing Peru and I recently implemented a tennis athletes program similar to expensive academies. My fun on-court tennis workouts as designed to improve agility, balance, flexibility, stability, shot power, control, speed, and endurance. Tennis training includes fitness combination tennis drills with the assistance of training equipment which includes ladders, cones, hurdles, rings, chute, medicine ball, and also bungee resistance cords. Tennis skills are developed with three-dimensional principles of movement training. I teach the complete breakdown of stroke production including grip and hand changes. I also offer the optional groundbreaking two-handed forehand. The ages for fitness training generally range from 8 to 16 years. I take all COVID-19 safety precautions on-court seriously including sanitizing the tennis balls.

I teach tennis lessons in Camarillo but will also travel up to 5 miles.

Please contact me through my coach page and then I will contact you back within 24 hours to introduce myself, answer any questions and if you are interested, we’ll set-up your first tennis lesson at a time and place that is convenient for both of us. I look very forward to hearing from you and I also look forward to the opportunity to be your Camarillo tennis coach. See you on the court!


Private Tennis Lessons (1 Player): $60 Per Hour
Semi-Private Tennis Lessons (2-3 Players): $35 Per Hour Each
Group Tennis Lessons (4 Players): $20 Per Hour Each
Hitting Only Sessions (1 Player): Not Available
Teaches Beginner & Intermediate Kids Ages 6-16!

*Please note that if you are interested in semi-private tennis lessons (2 players) or group tennis lessons (3+ players), you will first need to find a friend(s) to take tennis lessons with you before contacting me.

  • Local Camarillo Tennis Coach
  • USPTA Certified Recreational Coach
  • Over 8 Years Playing Experience
  • Over 2 Years Teaching Experience
  • Teaches Beginner & Intermediate Kids Age 6-16

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Lance Camarillo Tennis Coach


"Lance is an amazing tennis coach! Within a few lessons, I saw my kids grow in their game. His passion is infectious and the kids feel it in their interactions. He’s caring, thoughtful, and patient. He loses track of time because he is so intent on helping you learn. You are choosing one of the best tennis coaches when you go with Lance. He’s been a Godsend for us!"


Camarillo, California

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