Coach Marnie

  • Solon, Ohio
  • Over 20 Years Experience
  • Indoor: No
  • Outdoor: Yes
  • Seasonal: Yes


  • Private Tennis Lessons: $50 HR
  • Semi-Private Tennis Lessons: $25 HR
  • Group Tennis Lessons: $50 HR
  • Hitting Only Sessions: $50 HR
  • Teaches All Ages & Skill Levels!

About Marnie

Hello, my name is Marnie and I am a local Solon tennis coach with over 32 years of playing experience and over 20 years of teaching experience! I was a nationally ranked junior and college player. I was a division three NCAA participant. I attended Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy for half my junior year and for my entire senior year of high school. I was a Florida State finalist in singles. I have coached boys and girls high school tennis teams along with coaching all age levels at both country clubs & tennis facilities. I try to play with each player during the entire lesson depending on what their level is. I work a lot on structure, game play and conditioning. Outside of teaching the game of tennis, I’m an Intervention Specialist during the school year.

I am offering fun private tennis lessons, semi-private tennis lessons, group tennis lessons and hitting only sessions for all ages (kids, teens, adults, seniors) and all skill levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). I teach tennis lessons locally at Solon Community Center, Hawken Lower School & Lyndhurst Park and I’ll travel up to 10 miles.

Please contact me through my coach page and then I will contact you back within 24 hours to introduce myself, answer any questions and if you are interested, we’ll set-up your first tennis lesson or hitting session at a time and place that is convenient for you. I look forward to hearing from you and I look forward to the opportunity to be your Solon tennis coach. See you out on the court!

Please Note: I can only do tennis lessons at Hawken Lower School in Lyndhurst and then Solon Community Center in Solon. My hours are completely full on the weekends right now and so all I have available is Solon courts in the afternoon. I cannot drive back to the Hawken courts. When school is out, I can teach from 9-2:30pm and evenings will vary. Hawken courts are not available during the day, so I would teach lessons at Lyndhurst Park in Lyndhurst. See you on the court!

Private Tennis Lessons (1 Player): $50 Per Hour
Semi-Private Tennis Lessons (2 Players): $25 Per Hour Each
Group Tennis Lessons (3+ Players): $50 Per Hour Entire Group
Hitting Only Sessions (1 Player): $50 Per Hour
Teaches All Ages & Skill Levels!

*Please note that if you are interested in semi-private tennis lessons (2 players) or group tennis lessons (3+ players), you will first need to find a friend(s) to take tennis lessons with you before contacting me.

  • Local Solon Tennis Coach
  • Florida State Singles Finalist
  • Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy
  • Over 32 Years Playing Experience
  • Over 20 Years Teaching Experience
  • Former Boys & Girls Tennis Coach
  • Former Club & Facility Tennis Coach

Teaching Area


"Marnie has patience. She took her time with the fundamentals. She constantly watched my form and corrected me when I was moving incorrectly. She also has a great personality which made the lesson fun. I highly recommend her!"


Cleveland, Ohio


"My two daughters are totally beginners. They only had a short experience with another coach whom they felt was too strict. My goal was to have my girls learn basic tennis skills. Marnie is our perfect match. She is very patient and skillful. Communication with her is extremely easy!"


Cleveland, Ohio


"Marnie was fantastic! She was very easy to work with. My boyfriend and I took lessons with her together and even though we are at different ability levels, she was able to teach us both and focus on the areas we each needed to improve in. I have been working with pros on my forehand for years without making any progress and Marnie was able to instruct me in a way that led to significant improvement. She's very professional and the drills were both fun and helpful. I would definitely take lessons with her again!"


Cleveland, Ohio

Contact Marnie

Please fill out my contact form below! I will then contact you within 24 hours to introduce myself, answer any questions and then if you are interested, set-up your first tennis lesson or hitting only session at a time and place that is convenient for you! See you out on the court!