Coach Rodrigo

  • Huntsville, Alabama
  • Over 2 Years Experience
  • Indoor: No
  • Outdoor: Yes
  • Seasonal: Yes


  • Private Tennis Lessons: $40 HR
  • Semi-Private Tennis Lessons: $30 HR
  • Group Tennis Lessons: $25 HR
  • Hitting Only Sessions: $35 HR

About Rodrigo

Hello my name is Rodrigo and I am a local Huntsville tennis coach with over 17 years of playing experience and over 2 years teaching experience! Since I was a kid my passion was sports. I have been playing tennis since I was 7 years old. I have practiced in different tennis academies. I have been coached by ex-professional tennis players from different countries. I also played for The University of Alabama Men’s Tennis Team in Huntsville for four years during my college career and now I am looking to coach kids, teens and adults my passion for this sport. I have coached in summer tennis camps at UAH, I assisted the UAH tennis team in practices after finishing my 4 years and I’ve been coaching kids, teenagers and adults part-time.

I am offering fun private tennis lessons, semi-private tennis lessons, group tennis lessons and hitting only sessions for all ages (kids, teens, adults, seniors) and for all skill levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). So whether you need to work on some specifics like your forehand, backhand, volley, serve, service return, overhead, drop shot, approach shot, footwork, singles strategy or doubles strategy-I would be more than happy to help you out with your tennis game!

I teach tennis lessons at The University of Alabama in Huntsville but in addition, I also have a tennis court in my apartment complex that is five minutes away from UAH. I’m also willing to travel up to 30 miles.

Please contact me through my coach page and then I will contact you back within 24 hours to introduce myself, answer any questions and if you are interested, we’ll set-up your first tennis lesson or hitting session at a time and place that is convenient for you. I look forward to hearing from you and I look forward to the opportunity to be your Huntsville tennis coach. See you on the court!


Private Tennis Lessons (1 Player): $40 Per Hour
Semi-Private Tennis Lessons (2 Players): $30 Per Hour Each
Group Tennis Lessons (3+ Players): $25 Per Hour Each
Hitting Only Sessions (1 Player): $35 Per Hour
Teaches All Ages & All Skill Levels!

*Please note that if you are interested in semi-private tennis lessons (2 players) or group tennis lessons (3+ players), you will first need to find a friend(s) to take tennis lessons with you before contacting me.

  • Local Huntsville Tennis Coach
  • Over 17 Years Playing Experience
  • Over 2 Years Teaching Experience
  • Attended Various Tennis Academies
  • Coached By Professional Tennis Players
  • The University of Alabama Tennis Team
  • UAH Summer Tennis Camp Coach
  • Assisted UAH Team Tennis Practices
  • Teaches All Ages & All Skill Levels

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